1. A Drama Del Rosario Production - Credits (March, 2014)


    Here’s a simple video to make my credits a little bit more official. Can’t wait to include this in my future projects! If you want me for your video production or events management needs, contact me at my NEW email: aaronmarcusadelrosario@gmail.com!


  2. Heights Seniors’ Send-Off Video (March, 2014)

    Director, Editor

    This is a fun goodbye video we made for the graduating seniors of Heights S.Y. 2013-2014. We all had a lot to thank for their batch, so we made this video to express the great amounts of appreciation we had for them. As the director and editor, I hope this video shows how I can take a simple slideshow and dedication video, and make it ten times more interesting, thanks to post-production. I, having a huge inclination for reality television, was really inspired by reality show interviews. Hence, the green screen approach. In the end, the video received such great response from the Heightsers, especially the seniors. Heights should have a reality show, just saying.


  3. The A Diet (March, 2014)

    Director, Scriptwriter, Cinematographer, Editor

    This short film goes out to anyone who has ever beverage’d their way into an all-nighter or cut off relationships with others just for academics. Major thanks to our actors — Trixie Tapiador and Louie Cudo — and of course, OF COURSE, to our wonderful production team — Magel Manza, KD Montenegro, and Chezska Ng — for sticking it out with me through six different projects together. When we presented this short film to a panel of critics, we were honored enough to be noted as the most film festival-ready of all the Basic Video and TV Production classes.


  4. High on Art: Heights’ Second Regular Folio Launch (February, 2014)

    Project Head

    It was a huge honor to be selected as the Project Head for the launch of Vol. 61 No. 2 of Heights’ Regular Folios. For this event, we wanted people to feel literature and art as a state of being high, from the talented speakers and performers, to some crazy projector manipulations with the help of our wonderful and unlike-Heights venue: the Com Studio in the Social Sciences Building of the Ateneo. After two months of intense planning and some strategic budget spending — which let us save 25% of our original budget , we produced what Editor-in-Chief Audrey Ferriol described as “the best Folio Launch [she has] ever been to”!

    Major congratulations to the Folio Launch Team for making High on Art happen:
    Heights’ Production Manager: Cressa Zamora
    Heights’ Associate Production Manager/ Promos & Documentations Head: Jonnel Inojosa
    Logistics Head: Micah Naadat
    Programs Head: Max Suarez
    Food & Decors Head: Beta Santos

    And our biggest THANK YOU to…
    - our speakers: Lara Antonio, Ayana Tolentino, Alex Dungca, Christian Benitez, Santi Martinez, and RJ Dimla
    - our performances: spoken word poetry by Jam Pascual and musical numbers by Bibliotheque
    - our hosts: Abner Dormiendo and Jia Lllanes aka Junior Jock Scherbatsky

    To capture the experience, I HIGHly encourage you to watch this Instagram video by Melissa Yu: http://instagram.com/p/k9CoNxIdI2/

    Also, thank you to Kaye Toledo and Sarah Arrojado for the event photos!

    And, of course, it is with great pleasure to announce that I will be Heights’ Production Manager for S.Y. 2014-2015!


  5. Exits by Bibliotheque (February, 2014)

    Director, Production Designer, Editor

    Making this music video was an adventure! Our team went to different places and just could not help but be inspired by the actual message of the song: ANXIETY — from traversing through literal “state lines” on the road, to the blurring lines between different states of mind. I thank everyone who helped concretize the message of this song, but most especially, to Bibliotheque, who blessed us in creating their first ever music video and whose song is now on repeat on my iTunes! THE Mr. Ayo Supangco compared this music video to the first time he watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I can die in peace now.

    Interesting story: Exactly after we premiered “Exits” in the Ateneo Com Studio, a man comes rushing into the room and tells us to “exit” the building. It was the Ateneo bomb threat of February 12, 2014. Coincidence?


  6. Project Motion: Exhibit and Awarding - Event Coverage (February, 2014)


    Thank goodness for ACOMM for having projects like Project Motion, a media literacy advocacy campaign where the youth can voice out what they stand for through a school competition in journalism, production, and advertising! For this event coverage video, I wanted to highlight the different individuals who joined the movement, as well as the respective advocacies that they represented. And of course, coming from a reality show and documentary perspective, I always enjoy getting raw footage and playing around with them in post-production!

    Learn more about Project Motion: https://www.facebook.com/233153880173263


  7. Miss Helen’s Little Bakery for the Disabled Youth (January, 2014)

    Director, Production Designer, Editor

    For this 1-minute silent film, our team went for a Hansel and Gretel environment with a twist. It’s always a huge pleasure to work with the My Veet Girl 2013 and I Am Meg Season 2 Contestant, Trisha Duncan, and her sister and Total Girl model, Bianca Duncan. Aside from our talented and all-out actresses, my other favorite part of this film has to be our production design. Thanks to the magic of our team, our set looks nothing like the Ateneo parking lot that it originally was!


  8. Drama Del Rosario for External Projects AVP (January, 2014)

    Director, Editor

    A fun little Mean Girls-inspired campaign video that I made for the ACOMM 12 Elections! A big thank you to the different ACOMM members who helped out!

    And, good news, I was elected to be ACOMM 12’s External Projects AVP!


  9. Simuno at Panaguri (December, 2013)

    Director, Writer, Lighting Director, Editor

    This is the last of our Talecraft projects for our Video and TV Production class. For this video, we had to use only our three most important cards — Gothic, The Dandy, and The Evil Albino — but focus on cinematography and lighting, which, in my opinion, was such a beautiful struggle to overcome. I believe that this video takes a different approach at what “Gothic” means. Instead of the typical dark or religious themes, we wanted to go with a more subtle yet psychological edge, and apply it to a more Filipino-inclined script. 


  10. Media 360: Production (December, 2013)


    Helping ACOMM out with a promotional video for the Production leg of Media 360, a series of talks and workshops to enhance the skills of Communication majors in their craft. The behind-the-scenes shots seen here are actually from our Blue Eagle 40 shoots! I’m the one inside the control room!